Doug Cutting Presents to Packed House at Bronto

October was a big month for TriHUG! We were very fortunate to have Doug Cutting, the founder of Hadoop, Lucene, Nutch and Avro, and Chief Architect at Cloudera, come present to a packed house at Bronto HQ.

Doug Cutting

Doug Cutting

After delivering his All Things Open keynote in Raleigh, Doug made his way to Durham to talk about “The Future of Data.”

He outlined his progression in open source from the early days of Lucene, to his desire to build a web search engine (Nutch), to building the Hadoop Distributed File System and MapReduce from Google’s research papers.

Despite admitting he can’t predict the future, Doug laid it all out there to predict that, due to Moore’s Law, we will store and process more data in the future than we do today.

(rim shot)

But seriously, the larger point made throughout his talk was, in a future in which we will certainly have more capacity to store and compute more data than ever imagined, we will increasingly use that data to power our businesses, decisions, and lives.

Data gives us the basis to improve, optimize, and stay competitive. Hadoop and its ecosystem gives us the open source platform to store and process this data. Being open source is key for Hadoop because it makes it easy for companies to adopt the system and build their businesses on it.

Below is a video of the talk in full (the lights were dark for the first part). Many thanks to Doug for making time in his busy schedule to come talk with us and answer many, many questions!

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