John Willis at Triangle DevOps, Hosted by Bronto

Here at Bronto, we’re very proud to support the local community in many ways. One of the facets of that spirit of community support is in hosting a number of meetup groups. One of the meetup groups that we’ve been hosting for over a year now is Triangle DevOps. We love this group so much that two members of our engineering team, Doug Hairfield and myself, actively help to keep the group running smoothly along with Mark Mzyk of Chef, Mark Imbriaco of Digital Ocean, and Nathan Walls of WebAssign. We often host the group’s meetings in our Thunderdome, which has a maximum capacity of 200 people.

Back in May, before this Engineering Blog was live, we were very proud to host John Willis who is the VP of Customer Enablement at Stateless Networks. John is an early adopter of DevOps, and has made tremendous contributions to shaping the conversation about DevOps, and informing the community of many of its true roots in Lean manufacturing. You might call him a global influencer in the field. He’s contributed to books, podcasts, blogs, and is commonly sought as a speaker at conferences. More than anyone else, he’s probably most responsible for interpreting the wisdom of W. Edwards Deming for the software industry. For our audience, he talked a good bit about his take on DevOps, on Network Engineering, and made a strong case for why he believes that Network Engineers should adopt the DevOps model. Continue reading